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With Amaali Shaw, Amazon #1 Best Selling Author.

What You’ll Change . . .

  • Go deeper into who you really are.
  • Unravel the layers that keeps you playing out the same patterns.
  • Resolve old energy and feelings, to leave you feeling free and empowered.
  • Let go and surrender to your true essence, your authentic self.

How it works . . .

  • Only 5 minutes a day time commitment, each lesson is tailored to a busy lifestyle.
  • Connect with like-minded community – leave comments and ask questions.
  • Fully downloadable audios and lessons for easy access wherever you are.
  • Exclusive access through a private membership site.
  • Accountability and motivation, daily reminders and an opportunity to share your experience.

Each day experience more of your authentic self . . .

Create Peace and Stillness through Your Breath.

Learn to Ground Your Energy in Minutes

Master Your Mind and Thoughts

Learning Gratitude Through Active Meditation

Igniting Your Inner Sexual Current

Mastering Connection in Relationship / Intimacy

Using the Power of Awareness and Soul to Create Intention

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privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

With a new business location, a change in my direction, and a deeper need to know how I can take action to ensure that I stay true to myself, and still provide the best love and light to those around me, I needed (and was guided to) Amaali.


With her deep understanding of the masculine, the feminine, and the relationships that form between the two and within ourselves, not only can I benefit from that knowledge, so too do my clients, patients, friends and loved ones..

Tone, BSc (Human Movement) C.H.E.K Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2

Amaali works from the heart, and yet at the same time holds people accountable for their own actions, which is the perfect supporting ground for personal growth. Amaali has a sound understanding of both the physical body and the dynamics of relationships which enables her to provide a holistic approach to health and mental wellbeing.


My coaching sessions with Amaali have helped me continue to grow and understand myself better, and I also have additional tools to assist in my physical wellbeing. The greatest lesson I have learnt from Amaali  is not to  learn not get stuck in the story of our life but rather work on the resulting feelings and how they can be transformed. I would recommend Amaali as a coach for anyone seeking to improve themselves, their relationships, their physical body and wellbeing.


Amaali Shaw is founder of Naked Soul and The Authentic Self Project, igniting vulnerability and intimacy in women around the world. 

An awakening in society, a searching for our authentic self, has opened up; women are taking note and wanting more.

For women wanting to let go of their outer layers and find who they really are, Naked Soul offers a unique blend of understanding physiology and hormonal balance, through to emotionally untangling self sabotage, and underlying Soul purpose. A true balance of body, mind and Soul occurs beginning a journey of the masculine and feminine.

Amaali and her team, through Naked Soul and The Authentic Self Project, begins this journey utilising the Amazon #1 Best Seller, Confessions of a Naked Soul, alongside in-depth and supported modules of The Authentic Self Project. With bespoke, organic Naked Soul luxury retreats, your deepest feminine essence can emerge in both vulnerability and intimacy.

Our Naked Soul experience offers support to women of the world in embracing their deepest feminine, to know courage, compassion and empowerment.