Official VIP Book Launch for Amazon #1 Bestseller, Confessions of a Naked Soul


5pm July 2, 2014. Invite Only

Villa Malaathina, Bali.

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The best selling confessional by Amaali Shaw is already getting rave reviews ahead of the July 2, 2014 official release date and VIP launch event, despite it’s censorship in Australia and Asia. Confessions of a Naked Soul opens up the taboo subject of sexual discovery in the roles of the masculine and feminine. It is a beautifully written expose that sheds unique light on the journey of psychological and sexual surrender, stemming from overwhelm and obligation faced by the feminine.

“He promised to wait for her, to never abandon their journey together, and watch over her in every lifetime that she still needed to forget. In return bringing him the depth his heart longs for.” Confessions of a Naked Soul.

Amaali has spent years developing and practicing a system combining the most powerful techniques to simultaneously develop a person’s body, mind and soul.
Amaali is unique.
Amaali is the real thing.
Amaali will give you the things money can’t buy. Explosive, erotic sex. Deeper, stronger connections. True understanding. Happiness.
Real happiness.
If it’s time to have the life you deserve, walk with Amaali.

The Marquis de Sud, Sydney's Premier BDSM Master

Amaali’s message is vital in this time of global acceleration into greater consciousness. Her sacred contract is to teach and enlighten others. Listen carefully, as truth has a resonance you can feel. Amaali’s words will powerfully provoke, opening your heart and allowing surrender and vulnerability. Creating a listening wisdom that we have all longed for.

Diana, Midwife, Homeopath, Counsellor


It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you this enchanting book, Confessions of a Naked Soul, written by Amaali from her heart, body and soul. This isn’t just another book on Tantra, but it is an expose where she shares her remarkable journey of awakening to her most intimate feminine center of receptivity, delight, integration and grace. Although written as fiction, the truths shared throughout each chapter are meant to inspire your sweet sensual vulnerability and authenticity – a desired state where you willingly own and unabashedly embrace your own feeling truths body, mind and spirit.

I have known Amaali for many years and have been a privileged witness to her journey of discovery, letting go, reconnection and celebration of her own embodied feminine essence. Her journey crosses barriers of conventional ideas and beliefs so that we feel safe and empowered to embrace all aspects of the Divine Feminine in all her many splendored forms. In this embrace we honor the Divine Masculine in his. We learn to embrace the paradox of life in which both the light and the dark are fully welcomed as intrinsic dimensions of life, of who we are.

Using the spiral as a metaphor, I invite you to spiral into the center of yourself as an erotic, sensual, sexual woman. As you are seduced to follow Amaali, you are encouraged to abandon yourself to a new paradigm of being and living where the Divine Feminine softly calls to you. She speaks in a language you may have forgotten, but when you hear it, you’ll know it just as intimately as your own breath. Her voice will rock and shake your world, firing erotic passion while soothing your fears, rooting you in feminine potential greater than you have ever imagined, dreamed or experienced before.

As you embrace this sacred love affair with Amaali, you’ll step beyond the ordinary towards something hugely powerful, radiant, beautiful and wholly yours. From this place of deep connected Love, there is something profound that happens when you realize and claim your place in timeless inheritance, grounded and aligned with what our hearts know is possible. It is a deep sense of long-awaited homecoming. In our return, we can be a refuge to others – safe, joyous and free!

Wishing you the deepest connection with the Goddess, manifest as your own authentic, erotic and ecstatic self.

Vidya McNeill

The Venue.

About Amaali.

Amaali Shaw: As a holistic health and life coach, with a decade of experience, Amaali has gained amazing insight and knowledge into the male and female psyches.

She currently leads transformative retreats and events throughout the world, from Bali to Barcelona, Italy, and in France and the UK.

As a speaker, author and interviewer in the field of holistic health, wellness and consciousness, Amaali Shaw brings empowerment and education that helps others reach their true potential for deeply fulfilling lives.

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